1. Find a TV
    1. Craigslist
    2. Local garage sales
    3. eBay
  2. Re-work cabinet
    1. Apprise yourself of the situation:
      1. Make note of how the cabinet is put together
      2. A good cabinet is glued & screwed: remove the screws first and use a wood chisel to pry the glued pieces apart
      3. There are 3 main parts to be re-done:
        1. Hinge the lid for access to the tank
        2. Hinge the bottom front for storage and speakers
        3. Remove/protect/replace front glass and knobs
    2. Gut interior
      1. Remove electronics
      2. Save knobs, accessories
    3. Remove top from cabinet
      1. Take care, you want to attach a hinge and re-use it!